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Travel Hong Kong Without Spending a Penny on the Trips - Ocean Park

This park was started in the year 1977. Even though it is basically premised as an amusement park, but it would be unjust to assume that it is a place confined to just amusement alone. Amusement rides are a big part of Ocean Park but there is much more to explore than just that. Thrill rides such as rollercoasters and water slides have been the major attractions that made this place popular in its initial decade.


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But as it grew in popularity, the range of exploring activities and experiences eclipsed beyond amusement park and spread further into animal sciences and specifically the marine world. There are more than 400 species of marine animals in the Grand Aquarium of the Ocean Park Today. Not only the marine animals but the park also provides a safe sanctuary to various other endangered species and those which are being on declines such as Koalas of Australia, Sea Lions of Polar regions, Penguins, Walruses, Bottlenose Dolphins, Salamandar, Gaint Pandas, Red Pandas and many others.



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